Workshop with Anna Tikhomirova

Saturday, 13 January 2018Anna tackled the difficult subject of buildings by introducing tips on perspectives which would be easy to apply in the field without getting a ruler or setsquare out! She recommended using the paintbrush to get the verticals right and to focus on the main shapes and ignore the details for the early work. She also advised that all curved shapes fit into a rectangle or square and so are easier to manage using that technique.
The photograph being painted was a grand doorway in Cambridge complete with Royal crest. She mixed most colours with white gouache which gave a creamy consistency to the watercolour paints.The attendance was high with over forty members and visitors filling the room and following her direction following each step of her work. She was very diligent in splitting her time between the demonstration work and then going around the class to give individual advice and direction. The latter was much appreciated by the attendees.




Media by Evelyn Jones

Mixed Media Demo by Christine Hopkins

Friday, 12 January 2018

The first demonstration of 2018 was well attended with 40 members starting the New Year with enthusiasm. Christine worked in mixed media and certainly her techniques were very varied with a paintbrush making a rare appearance.

She chose a row of Norfolk houses as the subject, the back of which she found more interesting than the front as there are usually more features.  She seemed to know the occupants intimately as she added detail to the houses. She used newspaper for most but not all of the roofs where the print shining through the coloured inks gave an interesting appearance of texture.

A foreground of acrylic crayon grass with some light brushwork to merge the strokes gave an authentic appearance. Various chimney pots were stuck on from magazine clippings however most of the architectural features came from her use of small cards cut from mountboard to draw windows, window sills, guttering, down pipes, sheds etc. 

Altogether a highly varied approach but very effective.

Although time is always short for demonstrations and more details can always be added the end result was a charming scene appreciated by the audience. A very informative and entertaining demonstration.

Media supplied by: Evelyn Jones

 Ella Hayward Painting Demo

 - Thursday 3rd August 7.30 pm Annual General Meeting -
Our AGM was followed with a painting demo by Ella Hayward. She works in a highly organised way with a limited palette and very small brushes. The detail is most impressive. Ella painted a lady from Indonesia who had looked after her children. 

Event Review: 2015 Molesey Art Society Christmas Exhibition

Molesey Art Society Christmas Exhibition 2015

This year’s event was another great success for the society. Set up was on the Friday evening and went very smoothly and quickly with lots of ‘willing hands’ available to help, thanks to everybody.
Ron’s new colour coding system worked very well and the new paint scheme, carried out by members during the Summer looked splendid!
54 members exhibited work and around 210 visitors attended over the 2 days which is similar to last year’s figures. 38 framed paintings were sold, 16 items from various tables and 75 items from the browsers.
Overall, the event compares very favourably with last year so thanks to everyone who came along to help set-up and take down and of course, thanks to all those who exhibited work.


Molesey AGM Monday 27th July 2015

This year’s AGM was held at Mole Hall, Molesey, as neither our usual venue St Mary’s Hall or St Alban’s School were available.
The format for the meeting this year was to be a little different; after the formalities of the AGM, the members were invited to stay on to see a demonstration by Kevin Chapman.  


The general view from the members was that the venue was better and very comfortable as people were able to sit around tables in comfortable chairs which was a more sociable arrangement than sitting in rows. In addition, an adjacent second hall was available for Kevin’s demo, enabling him to set-up while the AGM was in progress.





The meeting started promptly at 7.45 and the committee was pleased to see that over 75 members were in attendance. The meeting went very smoothly – after the minutes were agreed and accepted, our Chairman Colin Kyte gave a review of the year’s activities, another great year! This also included a mention of Hurst Park School. The old school is being knocked down and Karen Hopson from the PTA approached Sue Monteath asking whether any members would like to do a painting for donation to the school as an auction fundraiser at their Summer Ball. Colin did the painting, which he and Barbara presented to Karen in time for the event. She was very happy with it and we understand it was bought by the head, Mrs Divey and will hang in her study at the new school.
Next was the statement on the accounts from our Treasurer Stephen Waxman, after which was the election of officers.The current committee agreed to stand again and so re election of the current committee was agreed ‘en bloc’ In addition, the committee thanked and welcomed Mr Eric Drewery who has volunteered to join the team. After the election of officers, the Spring Show winners were announced and Wendy and Colin presented the awards, these went to:
Chairman’s Award                                                                     Freda Anderson
Crafts (Whole table!) award                                                Pauline Burnett
William John MacLeod Imaginative                                Jan Adams
Arthur Henderson-Hall Perceptive Watercolour   Janet Butler
Augustus Lunn Design & Composition                          Audrey Cove
Robert A Lindsey Oil/Acrylic                                               Sue Monteath
Terence Cuneo (chosen by President)                           Margaret Waxman
Christopher Bounsal Watercolour                                  Cilla Baldwyn
John Foulger                                                                                 Carolyn Palmer
Ray & Mona Mackewn Studio Award                             Isabel Caplan
Cecil Gardiner (With thanks for all his help ‘behind the scenes’)   Peter Crawshaw
Lastly there was a new award:
Visitors’ ‘Best in Show’:                                                            Tom Beauvais
An announcement was then made of those members who had been made Associates or Fellows, these were:  
Associates: Frank Gardiner; Paul Potter; Cilla Baldwin; Hilary Jones; Margaret Waxman.Fellows: Stephen Waxman; Jan Adams; Colin Kyte.
Lastly thanks were given to the committee for all their hard work throughout the year, on behalf of the Society, running the workshops, organising demos,
and planning the exhibitions and other events.   A special thanks was also given to Len Steel for his unending supply of tea, coffee and biscuits and to Sue Monteath for all her hard work on managing the website, as well as other publicity matters which this society relies on to ‘spread the word’!

The AGM finished at 8.25 and everyone gathered in the next room for Kevin’s Demonstration – “A winter scene” – Acrylic. This was another terrific evening by the very popular artist and Kevin kept us enthralled until well after 10 pm. (How he can paint so wonderfully and talk to an audience at the same time, and with great humour I’ll never know!)   What a lovely way to finish a very successful night.   The evening ended at 10.30

Past Events: Highlights from 2013/2014

Highlights from our 2013/14 programme:

On September 13th, Karen Charman gave us a demonstration on creating a watercolour landscape of Dartmoor. She normally uses a limited palette of four colours, and doesn’t necessarily start with a pencil drawing. Karen took us through various stages, from the initial wash, to adding ponies and a grassy area.

September 14th, Tom Beauvais led a watercolour workshop of a landscape with buildings. He emphasised the use of figures to create perspective, and the importance of balancing the painting.

September 28th, Natasha Jervis, dancer, delighted everyone with her modelling poses. This is the first time we have had a live model, and judging by the enthusiasm, it won’t be the last.

October 11th, Freda Anderson, a frequent demonstrator of her beautiful portraits, showed us how to set up and paint a still life in pastel. She stressed the importance of creating a balanced painting, both in line and colour. She told us, ‘if it isn’t working, don’t be afraid of changing it!’

October 12th, Marcia Hughes brought numerous botanical items to the workshop to help create a painting with a Christmas theme. I imagine there will be many of the resulting paintings, in the form of cards, gracing the homes of relatives and friends.

October 26th, Raymond Kay led a workshop with an animal theme. He demonstrated how he achieves a good likeness in pastels, and brought a large collection of photos for members to choose from.

November 2nd, Anna Tikhomirova showed us how to measure up from a still life photocopy, to transfer correct proportions on to our paper. There was some apprehension at the apparent mathematical content initially, but the results spoke for themselves and most members were very pleased.

November 8th, Jonathan Newey gave us a demonstration of how he achieves fur and detail in acrylics, on his delightful animal paintings. He painted a tiger’s head explaining continually what he was doing and why. We found it very helpful when he passed around his painting for closer examination. His chat was so concise and informative; everyone felt they had learned a great deal about acrylic painting in general.

November 9th, Hildegarde Reid led a still life workshop with her usual enthusiasm having brought numerous items to create interesting setups. She talked us through her approach to starting a painting, and managed to get round to everyone to offer help, which was quite an achievement with forty-two members present. Some attractive paintings were put on display at the end of the session. Our thanks go to all demonstrators, workshop leaders and our stalwart tea and coffee makers, who never let us down whatever the weather!