Molesey Art Society - Events Diary 2018/ 2019

Download a printable version here: Events Diary 2018-2019


 Thursday, 9 August 2018 at 7:30pm

AGM followed by a painting demonstration by Hildegarde Reid

The AGM is on Thursday, 9 August, starting promptly at 7.30pm.  The venue is Molesey Centre (formerly known as Mole Hall). 

The AGM will be followed by a still life painting demonstration in oils by Hildegarde Reid 

Sunday & Monday, 26th & 27th August 2018 – 9am – 5pm


Towpath, Molesey Lock


Friday, 7th September 2018   7:45pm – 10pm

Demonstration in Pastels, “Urban Landscape” with Joel Wareing MA.

We welcome back Joel who has demonstrated for us in acrylic in the past ; tonight he will be working in pastels, focusing on body language and the interaction of people in an urban environment, concentrating on light and shade.

Website Link to:  JOEL WAREING 

Email Address:


Saturday, 8th September 2018   2pm – 5pm

Pastel Painting Workshop with Joel Wareing MA.

Following on from the Friday night demonstration, Joel Wareing will be leading us through the techniques he uses with pastels. 

Please bring your own photo references.


Saturday, 22nd September 2018   2pm – 5pm

Watercolour Workshop with Hildegarde Reid. “Autumn Abundance” is the subject this afternoon. Hildegarde will bring items to paint but please feel free to bring your own materials as well.



5th October – Friday – 7.45 –10.00pm

Demonstration with Jim Hanlon BA.           

Acrylic – Coastal scene

Jim was a contestant on Sky Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 and tonight he will reprise his coastal scene theme in acrylics. He is well known for his interpretations of light imbuing his work with a calming and evocative quality.

Website for Jim Hanlon:

6th October – Saturday – 2.00pm –5.00pm

Workshop with FREDA ANDERSON                   Acrylic – Coastal scene

Acrylic Workshop ”Coastal Scene” with Freda Anderson in acrylic or medium of your choice.  Freda will take us through the process of creating your own coastal scene. Please bring your own photo references.

20th October – Saturday – 2.00pm –5.00pm

Workshop with HILDEGARDE REID                       Oils – Still life

Still Life oil Workshop with Hildegarde Reid.  Objects will be supplied but please feel free to bring your own as well.


2nd November – Friday – 7.45pm –10.00pm

Demonstration ”Urban Environment” with Stuart Simler BA.

Oils – City scene in ragwork

Stuart has sold his work in many countries and has created art installations for institutions as diverse as Kew, the British Museum and the Dutch Embassy. Tonight he will be working alla prima in oils using rags to create a painting of an urban environment .



3rd November – Saturday   2.00pm – 5.00pm

Workshop by JOAN STEEL                              

Oil Workshop ”’Urban Environment” with Joan Steel. Joan will be giving us her interpretation of an urban environment. Please bring your own photo references and choose your own medium if you don’t paint in oils.




10th/11th November – Sat & Sun – 2pm –5pm     




11th January 2019 – Friday – 7.45pm –10.00pm  

Demonstration Acrylic Masterclass by Ronnie Ireland BA.

Ronnie returns to take us through the techniques he employs when painting in acrylics, and will be working on one of his paintings. Ronnie subtitles this demonstration ”Everything you wanted to know about acrylics but were afraid to ask” so this should be an informative evening.



12th January 2019 – Saturday – 2.00pm – 5.00pm     

Workshop with RONNIE IRELAND                    Acrylic –Workshop

Acrylic Workshop with Ronnie Ireland. Ronnie takes us through the techniques to produce an acrylic painting. Please bring your own photo references. Feel free to paint in other mediums.


26th January 2019 – Saturday – 2.00pm – 5.00pm   

Workshop MODEL Any medium

Natasha will be modelling for us in a series of clothed poses. You may work in any medium.  



8th February 2019 – Friday –   7.45pm –10.00pm   

Demonstration SHARON HURST   Watercolour – Fantasy landscape


Inspired by vinyl record album art and imagery of Tolkiens’ “Lord of the Rings”, Sharon creates fantasy landscapes and characters. Tonight we will follow her process in achieving her painting.

9th February 2019 – Saturday – 2.00pm – 5.00pm            

Workshop with BARBARA THAXTER SOFA                 Pastels – Animals

Todays workshop theme is “Animals”. Please bring your own photo reference material although Barbara often has a large supply for us to borrow.

23rd February – Saturday – 2.00pm – 5.00pm           

Workshop with MARCIA HUGHES SWA     

Watercolour – Theme “Fruit and vegetables”  

Marcia will bring items for us to use as reference but please bring your own if you wish to  


8th March 2019 – Friday – 7.45pm –10pm

Demonstration by FREDA ANDERSON  Watercolour – Portrait

Freda has done many demonstrations for us in the past and works in many mediums. Tonight she will take us through the stages required to create a successful portrait in watercolour.

9th March 2019 – Friday – 2pm – 5pm

Workshop with  by FREDA ANDERSON  Watercolour – Portrait

Today we will put into practice what we learnt in the demonstration the previous evening. Freda will be on hand to lead us through the process.

APRIL 2019 5th - 14th April