Wendy J Hale

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About me...

Textile & Mixed Media Artist/Embroiderer

A passion for textiles, stitching & vibrant colours started at an early age. My grandmother, a seamstress, taught me to sew & embroider and was always a huge inspiration. These interests from childhood followed a natural progression to an enduring love of all things handmade.

I love experimenting, being creative and making things. I aim to incorporate many different techniques into my work, I especially like Kantha hand stitch and freehand machine embroidery. I am particularly passionate about being eco-friendly and like to re-use and transform items giving a new lease on life to something old. I frequently integrate recycled materials into my work, specifically bits & pieces from my travels or something that has been cherished by someone I know.

I continually collect textiles, buttons & trimmings, reluctant to throw anything away as it may come in useful one day


Contact me...

Email Address:  wendy@charltonross.co.uk